Trac Pac 8 TBox

Powerful Electrical Distribution Systems

Technology - Trac Pac 8® is a powerful panel power package.  It offers four or more outlets on each side of longer Tracks.  It has eight wires, four circuits, automatic length adjustment, multiple power entry devices, and a multitude of outlet options.  Just four basic parts install quickly without tools.  Circuitry includes isolated circuit(s) for technology use.  Isolated circuits provide clean power for digital equipment, like desktop and laptop computers, digital cameras, and printers. Other circuits provide utility power for ambient light, space heaters, and other specialized equipment.

Flexibility - The interconnecting length will adjust to a precise need using a unique track feature.  Interconnecting cables always lay perfectly flat, with no snaking, straining, or pressure on side cover plates.  They cross posts, round corners, and make adjacent panel connections with equal ease.

Adaptability - Power entry will never be a problem with our selection of power entry methods.  Any panel will accept power from the wall, floor, column, or ceiling.  A unique 180 rotating power entry even passes through a receptacle size opening.  The Outlet Option Module presents the end user with an unmatched variety of devices and circuit access.  Adapting to future demands is a snap by releasing each module and replacing it with the one precisely tailored to the need.

Simplicity - Trac Pac 8® provides four basic parts which adapt to match the manufactured modularity of the furniture.  It answers an engineer's toughest problems. Trac Pac 8 is pleasing to the designer's eye and surpasses a specifier's special requirements.  It is an installer's dream and fulfill's a user's future demand.  It is simple sophistication.



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