RACETRACK is a technically advanced, highly potent power package. It offers four or more outlet locations on each side of longer tracks. It has 14 wires, preferably eight circuits, variable length adjustment, multiple power entry devices, various outlet options, choice of wiring configurations, retrofit ability, and just four basic parts that install quickly.

RACETRACK circuitry includes isolated technology circuits to power computers, word processors, computer peripherals, and other sophisticated equipment. Other circuits provide utility power and specialized use from ambient lights to pencil sharpeners.

Today’s office demands more circuits. RACETRACK provides up to eight circuits for the most sophisticated office environment. Highly computerized settings have brought concerns of harmonic neutral overload. Harmonics are created when two or more load lines share a neutral. Worst case harmonic neutral load was confirmed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Their studies show that two 20 ampere lines may place up to 28 amps on the shared neutral. RACETRACK 842-842 limits technology circuits to two per shared neutral for added assurance of harmonic control. Standard neutrals are code rated to carry 30 amperes. Neutrals may be upgraded to carry 40 amperes. RACETRACK 6-circuit 842-642 has no shared computer neutrals.

Previous electrical systems enjoyed very little choice of wiring configurations. RACETRACK lets you choose the best route for the application. Maximum power is achieved with Route 842-842. Alternate 842 routes provide computer power without shared neutrals. Route 842 is the best choice for multinational users. It is a perfect match for 208 and 240 volt single phase UPS power. The 14 wires of RACETRACK may be configured in many ways. A unique key plan provides users with the possibilities. The key plan prevents the various routes from intermingling. It locks in choices and locks out other routes.

Tracks are manufactured in custom proportional lengths to fit a given raceway or decorator cavity. The rigid track length varies, while the standard, flexible track to track cable reaches back into the prior raceway to receive power.

The interconnecting length will adjust using a unique track feature. Interconnecting cables cross posts, round corners, and make adjacent panel connections with equal ease.

The RACETRACK Track provides an area to reverse direction and carry power in all branches of plan view X, T, or Y configurations.

Keyed track sites control polarity and routes. Color in the sites aids installers. Keyed and colored cable and outlet connectors identify wiring configuration and lock in route choice.

The face of each receptacle is marked in colorful symbols to help identify internal wire color and/or phase. An orange triangle and computer icon signals isolated ground circuits. Female connectors come marked with the international symbol for female to aid installations.

RACETRACK has an exclusive safety feature that overwhelms all of the otherwise exciting and innovative product details. No component, combination of components, or cluster of stations can be energized from more than one source of supply. Overcurrent protectors cannot accidentally aggregate in the panel box. Although power can be carried in all directions, the unique feature does not allow every mechanically connected panel to be electrically connected. Directional Power prevents inadvertent interconnection of multiple power entry cables. Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. and the Canadian Standards Association require nondirectional power packages to carry a warning label as follows:

RACETRACK is exempt from the warning label. It prevents multiple power supply. Multiple power supply rarely happens in the original installation because the warning is on the power entry cable. It happens during reconfiguration. The illustration below shows how added work stations align circuit breakers in a panel box and move the 20 ampere safety fuse threshold to 100 amperes or more. The single neutral wire in panel wiring is also forced to carry the elevated imbalance with no breaker at all. To download a warning sheet outlining the dangers of multiple power supply, click here.

RACETRACK’s streamlined design maintains 14 wires in a 2" by ½" housing, making it fit virtually every panel system, desk or table channel, and beltline application; often, with plenty of room to spare for data or communication circuits.

With the proliferation of electronic office devices, electromagnetic interference (EMI) has become an increasing concern. All electrical conductors are sources of EMI. RACETRACK’s fully enclosed steel housing provides protection for sensitive data and communications lines. RACETRACK’s steel housing also protects interior conductors from radio frequency interference (RFI), microwaves, and other forms of interference of concern to electronic equipment users.