MOD Modules

Metal Wireway

MOD™ Multioutlet Metal Wireway is a field-wiring dream. No metal boxes, cornering pieces, or special junctions are needed. Order raceways 15-foot long, or in custom cut lengths. Field cut to fit as necessary. Field punch, or specify factory punched, holes.

One size hole enables installation of electrical devices, voice/data, cord pendants, conduit fittings, etc. Electrical devices, every foot, enjoy special code allowances. Splice wire junctions anywhere inside the MOD Multioutlet Metal Wireway. Stagger snap together parts in virtually unlimited runs! Horizontal runs need support every 5 feet (1.524m), vertical runs 15 feet (4.572m) at ends.

MOD™ Multioutlet Metal Raceway is comprised of four raceway shapes and several end caps. Raceway shapes are C Shell, I Web, U Cover, and Base Lid. Either the I Web or the Base Lid may splice together unlimited C Shell lengths. I Web may be used to snap together Single or Dual C Shell. Base Lid snap forms only Single C Shell. U Cover provides the divider when Data/Communication shares a power raceway.

Caps are full, or split 5/8-3/8. Any cap may be field drilled, but 5/8 and full may be factory ordered with conduit holes. Caps may also be used as wireway joint bushings on rough cut C Shell. Specification-Pricing Worksheets make ordering simple. Custom lengths, hole locations, correct ends, wholesale electrical, and DataCom™ devices are easy to specify and price.

Factory holes are always rectangular in the metal and round in the plastic. Decorator Duplex devices fit the rectangular holes. Plastic plates adapt the holes for Data/Communication, conduit fittings, cord pendants, etc. Round factory holes, in the plastic, join with field made holes in the raceway. Listed nipples are used to form L, X, and T junctions. No expensive special fittings are necessary.

Odd angle junctions may be formed with conventional conduit methods.

Penetrate new territory with low-cost MOD™ Multioutlet Metal Wireway! Install horizontally or vertically on any surface. Use it stand alone as Empower Pole, or to power runs of furniture. Either way, low cost will have your competitors on the run.